The Mindfulness Habit – The Book

Six Weeks to Creating the Habit of Being Present

Six Weeks to Creating the Habit of Being Present

The Mindfulness Habit is an accessible, easily followed, and useful guide to improving your life by becoming more present.

“The Mindfulness Habit is packed with realistic suggestions and manageable steps to develop the ability to handle stressful situations, worry, and distractions.”  New York Journal of Books

Create a new way of living that reduces stress, increases productivity, improves mood, and enhances relationships. Using step-by-step instructions and exercises that incorporate habit-forming techniques, author Kate Sciandra helps you find everyday opportunities for making mindfulness an easy practice. In just six weeks, you can fully integrate this quick approach to living in the moment. Each week you’ll learn about:

  • The difference between meditation and mindfulness, and how to recognize opportunities for both
  • Useful information about mindfulness, meditation, and habit formation
  • How to build your mental toolkit as well as ways to use it often
  • How to address misconceptions about the process of being present
  • How to live in the moment no matter what you’re doing or where you are

Whether you want to improve your concentration, take better care of yourself, or simply have a greater appreciation for life, this easy-to-use guide is your best choice for calming the body and quieting the mind on a schedule that fits your busy life.

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From Midwest Book Review:
The Mindfulness Habit provides a powerful guide to ‘living the moment’ and not only admonishes the value of so doing (that’s been covered before), but presents step-by-step techniques and exercises that focus on habits that can be developed to make such mindful living an instinctive choice rather than an effort. It’s this effort to cover the differences between meditation and mindfulness, to build a ‘mental toolkit’ of options and apply them to everyday living, and to understand the common pitfalls of ‘living in the moment’ that sets The Mindfulness Habit apart from the many, many other books on the topic. It’s basically applied new age science, moving neatly beyond ideals to address the applications and ‘how-to’ process of mind/body science, which makes it a special recommendation above similar-sounding books.

From Facing North:

I was excited to read this book and I need to let you know up front that I actually did all the exercises in the book over a six-week period just as the author instructs. I thought that if I read the book without actually doing the activities I wouldn’t be able to give an accurate review. I will say that all that time was well spent. This is one self-help book that does what it says on the tin….

Many of the activities…were familiar to me from yoga and other pursuits I’ve been involved in over the years, but Ms. Sciandra puts a mindfulness spin on them that adds an extra dimension. Her instructions on how to pay attention to what you’re doing are priceless….

Ms. Sciandra makes it clear that mindfulness is a process and not a goal-oriented project…She points out that goals focus on the future while mindfulness is all about being in the present.

She is especially good at anticipating ways we get off track and sabotage ourselves…Fortunately, she also offers effective ways to work past those roadblocks, and I think that aspect really sets her book apart from many other similar works….She warns that mindfulness can still the chatter enough for that unpleasantness to surface; this happened to me during the course of the six weeks. Ms. Sciandra offers effective ways to deal with this situation and I have to say, I feel like I’ve healed a lot of old issues using her method.

In short, I strongly recommend this book. It’s the kind of work I wish all self-help books were: practical and effective but also compassionate and understanding. It’s well worth the purchase price and it’s also well worth your time to follow her six-week program.

~review by Laura Perry

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