Noble Path Partnership Based Care and Service

The Noble Path Partnership Model for Care and Service

The Effective, Transformative, and No-Burnout Strategy that Nurtures Both Your Client and You

There are wrong ways and right ways for providing care and service to others.

The WRONG way:

  • Creates an environment that fosters drama, tension, and friction, disempowering clients and patients
  • Is hard work, and requires a lot of barrier building
  • Promotes an inauthentic, professional demeanor that causes disconnection, doubt, and resistance
  • Burns out practitioners with an almost inevitable regularity.

The RIGHT way:

  • Builds trust, bridges, and communication,
  • Dispels fear and undue drama.
  • Is characterized by authenticity, mutual support, and increased effectiveness.
  • Flows naturally from the feeling of connectedness between two people,
  • Both the provider and the client are left fed by the interaction, feeling better than they did when they began.

The Partnership Model both flies in the face of everything you learned about being a professional and demystifies everything you've suspected and wondered about how it could be better. 

The Partnership Model of Service is built upon the sentence:

A compassionate presence is a positive act of healing.

This nine word phrase contains a sea of things to learn - and unlearn - about what it means to present, how to let go of expectation and assumption, the benefits of vulnerability, letting go of outcome, dispersing drama, and more.

It takes on the invisible barriers that are created by ego, investment in outcome, the need to be seen as an expert, enmeshment, and more.

Being present with another person improves communication and problem solving, making your interaction productive, healthy, and mutually beneficial.



Professionals ranging from massage therapists to mediators, acupuncturists to attorneys, and cardiologists to counselors have discovered how powerful and rewarding the Partnership Model for Care and Service can be.

You can change your practice to be the one that is known for caring, and effective service that gets things done while creating an environment of ease, trust, and joy.

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