Individual Mindfulness and Meditation Instruction

Did You Know That You Have Everything You Need RIGHT NOW
to Discover the Calmer, Happier, and More Serene You?

Worry, anxiety and stress steal away your focus, making everything harder to do. You are less productive, communication suffers, and it takes its toll on your relationships with your family, your co-workers, and your friends.

Worst of all, it keeps you from really getting all the enjoyment that you should be getting from the things that are supposed to make you happy.

Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits of meditation, but how are you supposed to squeeze time for meditation in when you barely have time for anything else? You are probably already feeling a lot of pressure from being spread too thin, being overcommitted and under resourced.


Here’s the thing: There is more time in your day than you think; it’s just that it’s in places and at times that you have never thought about or noticed before. These are the places filled with hidden opportunities to become a calmer, more focused, and more serene individual.

My approach is designed to help you see that you already have the time and space in a very crowded life to develop the kind of mindful state that brings you out of the craziness of worry, stress, and anxiety, and into a perfect state of now.

Finding the dozens of everyday opportunities to clear, calm and quiet your mind can change your day, your week, your life.

“I really found that I was using this material EVERY DAY, and that it really helped me to cope with the craziness at work as we went through a big transition.” – Julie A.

So for people like you, I have the Everyday Mindfulness Program. In six sessions, we define your individual needs, lifestyle, sources of stress and discomfort; and then I then provide insight and show you techniques chosen specially for you, that teach real-life, practical ways for helping you experience the benefits of being mindful.

Together we’ll create a new habit: the habit of being mindful, present, and alert. We’ll work to create behaviors that have the flexibility to fit into your schedule and lifestyle.

This program is for you if:

  • You want to experience less stress,
  • You want to rebound from difficult situations more easily,
  • You are tired of suffering from anxiety,
  • You would like less “drama”,
  • You have a desire to be more focused and to stay on task,
  • You want to worry less.

Six weekly sessions are designed not only to teach you what you need in order to quiet and focus your mind, but also to gently assist you in creating a new mindset. You’ll get everything you need to develop the habit of seeing the opportunities to put in practice what you’re learning every day, integrating it seamlessly into your life.

What this Program Includes:

  • An assessment of your individual style of processing information and your specific needs and challenges
  • Six weeks of individualized coaching sessions
  • Two fifteen minute phone calls to support you with encouragement and answers to your questions
  • Folder filled with customized instructions for the techniques, exercises, and meditations that are chosen specially for you, and worksheet pages to support you in developing your mindfulness habit.

So how much would you pay for a lifetime’s worth of serenity?

How about just $247?

Why wait? Protect your health, enjoy your life. Start NOW.
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  • Do you believe that there is nothing you can do that will really help?
  • Do you think that any solution will take up too much time or energy?
  • Do you feel that the solution might be be confusing, mysterious, difficult and overwhelming?
  • Do you wonder if meditation or mindfulness work conflicts with your lifestyle or belief system?

Trust me: this works. It works with who you are, where you are, and it’s not hard. But you need support, training and accountability, and that’s why finding someone who can give you accessible and easily applied information that you can easily fit into the life you are already living is a great opportunity. My job is helping anyone who suffers with regular worry, anxiety, overwhelm, fear and pain by providing them with skills to be more centered, calm and resilient.
As someone who is physically attuned to the relationship between body sensation, mindfulness, and feeling good, I put all of this together to make cultivating a meditative state something accessible, grounded, and easy to grasp.

You will love this.

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