Where I Come From

I come from a broad range of experiences in areas that include healthcare, the arts, finance, service, and retail. I have held positions in sales, creative, support, and management. For 20 years I ran my own business and I was the creator of my own product line.

Originally from Western New York, I moved to Minnesota to attend the U of M’s MFA program in Theater Design.

I earned a Diploma in Herbal Studies from the Australasian College of Herbal Studies, and then complimented this with becoming an Advanced Practitioner in a neuromuscular re-education known as Ortho-Bionomy®, where I was described as “born knowing how to do this work”. I then opened my own healthcare practice which I ran for over 20 years.

My desire to help others by teaching them how to cultivate a healing presence, accompanied by my natural passion and aptitude for teaching, led me to become a Registered Instructor with Society of Ortho-Bionomy International. Understanding the principles of this work not only provided a set of useful skills, but can also instigated a powerful, personal transformation.

My fascination with becoming more present and more myself changed me in deep and important ways, and my commitment to cultivating a peaceful, mindful, and healing state as an important part of my work gave me the experience and insight to develop ways of showing others how to do the same for themselves. The result was my book, “The Mindfulness Habit: Six Weeks to Developing the Habit of Being Present.”

It was the awareness of the power of this state that has led me to develop ways to assist others in the helping professions to learn the skills to be a greater, more effective practitioner, as well as a healthier practitioner. The natural extension of this was to share the power of being present with everyone, no matter where they are. The changes that can result from this extend far beyond the individual who is understanding what it means to work and to live with a mindful lifestyle.

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