What I Do

I have had a dream for decades about bringing change to the culture of the workplace. It’s a place where we spend half our waking lives, and it’s often uncomfortable, unproductive, and embodies some of the worst of human interaction. And it doesn’t have to.

I see frustration, distraction, fear, and communication problems everywhere, and I know from experience that some simple steps toward creating a more mindful lifestyle have a miraculous ability to resolve those issues for individuals and the people they have contact with.

I am driven to teach and to develop innovative ways to share knowledge with others. I take great very seriously the responsibility of being the one who is providing not only knowledge, but an opportunity for personal transformation.

I have developed a collection of insights and skills that can help others to be more effective and more present in their work, and to create an environment that is supportive and productive for leaders and managers, as well as the people they work with.

The great value I have found in integrating mindfulness and meditation into my life and my professional practice resulted in the development of training that teaches real-life, practical techniques for helping others to also experience them and their application to daily living.

My goal is to assist anyone who struggles with worry, anxiety, overwhelm, fear and pain and those who work with them, by providing them with skills to be more centered, calm and resilient and modeling that behavior for those around them.

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