What I Believe

The gift of the all the work that I have done has been learning that it is profound to be in relationship that’s foundation is about being present and without judgment or expectation.

I understand that the greatest gift that as someone who provides information and support, I give to others it is to be completely present. I understand also that the resulting compassionate presence is a most powerful force for growth and change that extends far beyond our immediate experience.

My Pledge to my clients is:

To be your guide and your facilitator.
I bring my expertise to you as a someone who knows the paths, the shortcuts, and the places of danger and beauty so that you can see them and experience them yourself.

To engage in profound conversation.
My work is a conversation, and the best conversationalists know how to listen more than they talk. Deep inside you, your mind/body knows what it wants and how to ask for it. I know that sometimes I just need to say very little or just be still and enable you to recognize, process, and inform yourself.

To trust your deepest, best self, and to help you to learn to as well.
I know that we carry a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom, and that by tapping into that, I can help you to help yourself become more connected with your yourself and others, and more comfortable in the world.

To work without judgment, expectation or the need to be the expert.
I know that having expectations of how your process will unfold, or intentions about what the outcome will be, does not bring the kind of results that are deep and lasting. When we enter into our process together, it is most important to be open to the unexpected, as that is where the truth is made visible.

To remain in awe.
The day I stop being in a state of awe and wonder about how cool this is, how effective, miraculous, and how beautiful, is the day that I stop doing it.

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