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In addition to scheduled classes, I am available for, and experienced in, creating the perfect class for you or your group, from a one hour experiential meditation class to a weekend long retreat. Personal exploration, corporate workshops in managing stress, practical applications of Ortho-Bionomy® technique, or making the principles of mindfulness manifest are all open for exploration.

Curious how I can bring healing presence to you or your group? Contact me, and we can find ways to bring knowledge, support, and inspiration to you.

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Ortho-Bionomy® Classes

Ortho-Bionomy Self Care
If you’ve ever wished that you could practice Ortho-Bionomy on yourself, this class is for you. An introduction to the principles of Ortho-Bionomy by using it as a method of self-care, it’s a full day of twisting, slouching, oooo-ing and ahh-ing. You’ll get an introduction to the basic principles and techniques for self-positioning for the most common and easily addressed complaints and conditions.

This class is also a great addition for professionals in physical or occupational therapy, sports medicine, or other healing specialists as an introduction to the philosophy of Ortho-Bionomy, providing a whole box of take-home tools for your clients. OPEN TO EVERYONE!

Ortho-Bionomy Foundational Principles and Techniques

These two classes together comprise the Phase 4 Basic. This material can be put to use immediately, or used as the foundation for a deeper, more detailed exploration into the work.

General Position Release
This class covers the history, principles and basic techniques for addressing the body using the principles of general positioning, guided by the preferences and patterns of the client. By the end, you will be able to practice some basic Ortho-Bionomy® skills with friends and family, or add them to your bodywork practice.

Specific Position Release
The principles of Ortho-Bionomy are applied to working with specific points of pain and tension in the body to more precisely position for relief of pain and tension.

Exploration of Movement Patterns
Bodies are meant to move! Ortho-Bionomy is so much more than positioning. Exploring range of motion in the body is where it really comes alive. Understanding the depth and subtlety of exploring the different ways of reflecting movement back to the body brings a profound insight to the work.

Ortho-Bionomy® Phase 4 – Addressing Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fascitis is becoming an increasingly common diagnosis. It is characterized by pain the plantar surface of the foot. Those who suffer from this condition are in great discomfort and without much recourse from regular medical treatment. In this class we will learn to trace the causes of plantar fascitis throughout the body, and address the larger structural patterns at work.

Structuring a Session: Discovering New Approaches and Breaking Old Habits

The one aspect of Ortho-Bionomy that students have the most questions about is how to approach a session. This class not only gives the new practitioner ideas on how to approach a session, but also addresses the experienced practitioner who may have developed habits and protocols that limit their ability to be creative and responsive to their client.

Phase 5

Taking Ortho-Bionomy to it’s next step, Phase 5 begins when we become aware that we are not working on someone, but with them. Phase five comes  when we relax to the point of allowing our intuitive qualities to show themselves. . It is as if the action that was done happened by itself. Phase 5 is where we really begin to understand how Ortho-Bionomy isn’t about you, it isn’t about me, it’s about where we meet, and the healing conversation that results as the body begins position itself under the guidance of the practitioner.

Meditation and Personal Development

Practical Meditation

In this class we understand that reducing stress shouldn’t feel like One More Thing You Have To Do. Relaxation doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. This class consists of practical, straightforward techniques for meditation, mindfulness and stress relief and includes ways of integrating them into circumstances arising in everyday life. Registration info here.

Cultivating a Peaceful Presence

A series of exercises, meditations, and explorations designed to bring you into a state of calm and present awareness, allowing you to be more emotionally stable, resilient, and balanced. Connecting with your body sense, you will be able to change your relationship and responses to difficult and stressful people, circumstances and events by tuning into and shifting your sensations and physical state. Registration info here.

Cultivating the Healing Presence

A class designed for anyone in the caring or personal support professions, it is an exploration of the compassionate presence: what it is, what it isn’t, how to get it, and what is keeping you from having it. We explore ego, investment in outcome, intentionality and expectation; why  we have them, how they cause BURN OUT, and what to do about it. This class makes you better, happier, and more effective at what you do, with a more open heart and no energy spent on setting up barriers between you and your client.

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