Applied Mindfulness

Applied Mindfulness: A Boon to Your Organization

Mindful Management Strategies for Better Leadership, Sales, and Workplace Culture

Accessible, Practical, Effective

I am known as an engaging and gifted instructor who has been teaching adult learners for over 20 years, leading classes, professional training, and small group development workshops.

I have worked with teams, organizations and individuals to help them find an accessible, practical, and easily applicable way to incorporate mindfulness into work, play, and living.

My way of working with mindfulness walks a careful line. Not too goal-oriented, not esoteric, it’s about creating a lifestyle that brings you into the present moment, mitigating worry, anxiety, and stress,  creating a mind ripe with room for compassion, creativity, and focus.

I love nothing more than finding ways to bring others to a place of “Aha!”

I have offered instruction opportunities in:
  • coaching athletic teams in integrating a quiet, focused mind, improving performance,
  • multi-week classes in improving creativity and inspiration, and removing creative blocks by accessing the quiet mind,
  • a webinar for Project Management Institute on using mindfulness as a system of project management,
  • group and individual coaching on developing a mindful lifestyle for greater focus, decreasing anxiety and stress,
  • an intensive for professionals in the fields of healthcare and service, from massage to mediation, in cultivating a true healing presence, and
  • training in Ortho-Bionomy® (as a registered instructor in this neuromuscular re-education) for individuals and as professional development.

Available for:

  • public and private speaking engagements,
  • workshops and events,
  • individual coaching,
  • classes,
  • and professional development,

I am passionate about helping others find the richness, peace, and creativity in the everyday through developing a more present and quiet mind and body.

I teach something that I have named Applied Mindfulness...and it is just exactly what the name says it is: A mindfulness-based approach using a variety of techniques and exercises, with a mindset that is both practical and playful, that is accessible, easily understood, and readily integrated into any lifestyle.

Let's talk about how to use mindfulness and meditation to make your business function
more peacefully, smoothly, and increase productivity.