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Managing Your Business, 

And Gaining Control Over Your Life.

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Can turn your difficult workplace into the place you and your employees want to be?

Do you want to live a life surrounded by happy, focused, and cooperative people?

Can you address your distractions, your frustrations, and your communications effectively without adding anything extra to your busy life?

Would you believe that you can be the center and inspiration for focus, peace, and inspiration?

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Dark Time of the Year, Dark Night of the Soul

Now is that darkest time of the year. Where I live, it’s fully dark before 5pm and the sun rises far later than it has any right too. So many struggle with this once the balance between daylight and darkness shifts noticeably, the lack of sunlight instigating a long, slow plunge into the darkness inside. I … Continue reading

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"That class changed my life. It changed how I look at everything. I think about things I learned in that class every day and I use the techniques I learned all the time."

A. Mitchell